How to Create a More Positive Life

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How to Create a More Positive Life

Most of your thoughts lead you to take verbal and physical action. Therefore, the words you choose to speak can have a tremendous impact in your life, and in the life of others - words are powerful. The same thing applies to your actions. When you make a decision to create a more positive life and are determined to achieve it, you open your world to new and exciting opportunities that will amazingly increase your quality of life, personally and professionally.

How can you get started on your journey to creating a more positive life?

1. You can learn to be more positive by adopting new habits

You are probably a positive person already. If you are, you can still create a more positive life. If you struggle with being positive, take courage because you are not alone. Most people struggle with being positive, particularly when going through difficulties. The good news is that you can learn to be more positive by adopting new habits like the habit of adding more positive words to your vocabulary; by practicing this habit regularly, you will enhance your way of thinking and speaking. Adopting and practicing good and new habits will benefit your overall wellness too. 

Keep in mind that making a positive change in your life is not an overnight process. It takes time, effort, and patience. Creating a more positive life is a habit that you can adopt for the rest of your life. It is totally worth it. There is always room for improvement in everyone's life, and the beauty about life is that it is always teaching you new things that you can learn from. You can learn from the good - and the not so good - to continually add more value and meaning to your life. 

2. Use more positive words when you talk to yourself and to others

Here are some helpful ones: Abundant, accomplished, active, admirable, amazing, appreciate, attentive, authentic, aware, beautiful, best, blessed, bright, brilliant, capable, competent, confident, considerate, courageous, daring, delightful, determined, diligent, discerning, dynamic, eager, efficient, enhancing, engaging, enthusiastic, excellent, exceptional, exciting, fabulous, fascinating, flourishing, fortunate, friendly, fulfilled, fun, generous, genuine, gifted, good, great, happy, healthy, helpful, honest, ideal, impressive, inspired, intelligent, inviting, kind, lively, loving, marvelous, motivated, nice, nurturing, optimistic, outstanding, persevering, positive, powerful, productive, prosperous, qualified, radiant, reasonable, refreshing, reliable, remarkable, resourceful, respected, rewarding, sensational, sharing, smart, spiritual, strong, successful, talented, thankful, thriving, trusting, truthful, unique, valuable, vibrant, wealthy, well, wise, wonderful, worthy, zest.

3. Pay close attention to your thoughts, words, and actions

If you have less positive thoughts, do not be discouraged. Research has shown that only 30% to 20% of the thoughts a person has in a day are meaningful and positive. The rest, 70% to 80% are nonsense and negative thoughts. What this translates to is that almost every person in the world has to make an effort to become positive if they desire so. Therefore, positive people are mostly made; and some other positive people are naturally born with a disposition to be positive.

When you pay attention to the things you think, the words you say, and the actions you take, you become more aware of who you are; and when you become more aware of who you are, you have greater chances to make positive changes in your life. It all depends on your willingness to do so. If you find that what you think, say, and do are not harmoniously aligned with who you think you are, then you have the opportunity to make things change. Believe that you are bright and smart to do it.

4. Evaluate your personal and professional relationships

Identify the people in your life who bring the best out of you and build you up, and the people who encourage you and support you. Also, identify the people who bring you down, and the people who constantly stress you and frustrate you. You need to establish healthy boundaries in your life. You may need to get closer with certain people - even create new relationships - and distance from others to create a more positive life. Your life will flourish when you start working on this area.

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world." 
Robin Williams

You will be surprised to find out that a negative environment and certain people in your life can highly contribute to making you feel negative. It may not be you all the time, and you may not know until you reflect on it. 

5. Pay attention to what you watch, listen to, and read.

It is important that you are selective about what you watch on TV, what you listen to on the radio, and what you read because these things can also highly influence your life for good, or for bad. You may consciously choose to watch movies that contain a lot of positive or negative messages. You may not realize that movies that contain negative messages will stick more to you than movies with positive messages. Be aware of this and make an effort to do a quick online search before you decide what movies you will watch. You will thank yourself for this later.   

The same is true for shows and songs that you listen to on the radio. You may like a song simply because of its rhythm, and not even pay attention to its lyrics. Many times, the lyrics are not good. Take inventory of what you feed your mind with, and make changes as you consider necessary to help you create a more positive life. 

Give yourself permission to create a more positive life, do not wait around for people to give you their approval. 

Smile more often, exercise, eat healthy, sleep enough, be generous, ask for help, and listen more. Be kind to yourself and believe that you will succeed. 

What changes have helped you create a more positive life?, Why do you think being positive is important?. Please share in the comments section below.

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